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Anonymous asked: "Yessss the Legend series is amazing :)"

haha I guess it’s impossible to get a clear consensus on anything :)

Anonymous asked: "is there an otp in chaos walking serie?"

Definitely, Todd and Viola. It’s a pretty interesting OTP in my mind, too. Nothing sexual imo just because they’re like…barely teenagers, BUT their connection goes deeper than even just love. IDK how to describe it, but it’s a compelling relationship.

Anonymous asked: "I don't think you'll like Legend, the OTP is imo very weak (they are only 15... And he's the "rebel" that every girl want >.> same shit with Noah in Mara Dyer serie ..) I prefer Uglies and even more Unwind (for the otp & the plot, even if some scene are particulary hard, sad to read). Also it's in a wolrd after a war between pro-choice and pro-life, it's about how a fetus is more imp than a grown-up human being basically, and has more rights than a 16 years old. It's deep and thoughful imo"

Yeah it’s definitely a relevant premise considering the current social/political climate. Right up my alley, but for some reason I just didn’t feel inclined to read more after the one chapter I read :/

Anonymous asked: "You get so many asks which are some variation on people liking you because you're talented or smart. I don't disagree, but actually the main reason I like you is because you're so endlessly kind. It's such a valuable quality. I hope life's tougher events never manage to take that from you, or dilute it."

Oh wow…thank you so much, anon. I’m kind of speechless. This is just really sweet. I can tell you’re a very kind person as well <3

Anonymous asked: "I'm with you on finding new books series, thy're are some good ones but idk, they all feel the same to me, white straight protagnist must save the world with they're white straight love instrest and poc sidekick that is one dimsional and the first to die, I'd love some diversity ya know"

Yeah there’s definitely not a lot of diversity, at least in mainstream/accessible material.

Anonymous asked: "Do you have a GOT OTP?"

Arya and Gendry.


7/31/14 - Josh Hutcherson riding his motorcycle in Hollywood.


7/31/14 - Josh Hutcherson riding his motorcycle in Hollywood.

notsonice-me asked: "Hi)) Is a guy in the photo checking out Josh's butt? P.S. You are amazing)))"

haha can you blame him?

And thank you!

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Anonymous asked: "I'm not crazy about most YA stuff in circulation right now. Nothing has really captivated me in quite the same way as the thg did the first time I read the books. In fact, a lot of it frustrates me. Idk, I guess in thg I found this combination of good pacing, complex characters I could invest in, writing style that didn't make me want to hit something, and all-around interesting story that made me think. However, last year I read the novel Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. It's historical, not"

Sorry, not sure if there was another part to this message or not.

I do love the Chaos Walking trilogy. That was the only other series I read after THG that I absolutely loved.