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Anonymous asked: "It's the same necklace."

Thanks for clearing this up for us, Josh.

seriously though, if you know for sure or can tell us how you know, I’d love to hear ;)

  1. fnurfnur said: In my mind, it’s the same necklace. And on lonely nights without each other, they each hold it in between their fingertips while looking out at the endless, starry sky and singing “Somewhere Out There”.
  2. absnow said: "Ew, Josh, this is a girl’s necklace, I’m keeping it," Jen said as she rifled through Josh’s bedroom.
  3. beyonceofpanem said: Anons never lie!
  4. annieoakley1 said: Ahhh, your cryptic anons!
  5. anotherbrokencompass said: Need some proof, yo! :P
  6. mellarksloaves said: Now is it the same as in there are two? Or the same as in she swiped it from Josh after she spent the night at the treehouse?
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