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fnurfnur replied to your post: It’s the same anon about “high sex” as me and my…

yeah I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty rad. the right kind of weed also makes you horny as HELL so it’s not like it would take much convincing to hit the sheets. both high at the same time? joshifer in 3… 2…

I hate you slash really love you WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME RN

  1. anotherbrokencompass said: If there’s a pic out there of the posse suddenly being kicked out and the curtains getting closed, I’m going to die…
  2. mellarksloaves said: It’s the truth. Total truth.
  3. fnurfnur said: I dunno, maybe they got the kind of weed that makes you super paranoid instead, and they spent the night banging on the adjoining wall between their rooms and FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT not that I’ve done that
  4. beyonceofpanem said: write the fic
  5. dirtytalkingpeeta said: jfc
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