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Anonymous asked: "hey look i'm on anon and i say i've fucked a celebrity it must be true right"

Do you know if I fucked a celebrity, I wouldn’t post about it on anon. I’d give you guys ALL THE RECEIPTS—pics, a video, thumbprints, birth certificates, SSNs, etc. I would be proud of that shit lol

And then I’d have to delete tumblr and go into hiding because I would get excoriated by fangirls, but still…I’d have fucked a celebrity.

  1. mig14 said: Most people would tell the world if they fucked a celebrity. The only thing I know is one time I was at a bar and Mike Comrie (Hilary Duff’s husband) apparently snorted a line of cocaine off a urinal. One of my buddies saw and told us. That’s all I’ve got
  2. fnurfnur said: I have a friend who once gave Jim Carrey a blowjob like 20 years ago, and she STILL won’t shut up about it, in explicit, graphic detail. And I can’t blame her.
  3. trippy41 said: Do you know that if I fucked a celebrity, I wouldn’t come talking about it on TUMBLR! LOL! Sell that shit to the tabloids.
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