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fnurfnur replied your post Do you know if I fucked a celebrity, I wouldnt post about it on anon. Id give you guys ALL THE RECEIPTSpics, a video, thumbprints, birth certificates, SSNs, etc. I would be proud of that shit lol

I have a friend who once gave Jim Carrey a blowjob like 20 years ago, and she STILL wont shut up about it, in explicit, graphic detail. And I cant blame her.

oh my god this is the best ever LOL I think I remember you mentioning this story before. She’s gonna be 80 with the grandchildren, like, “You know, I used to be wild when I was your age…did you know I sucked Jim Carrey’s dick? Oh you might not think he’s something now, but I’ll tell you…back then he was KING.” “Gross, grandma!”

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