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Got my morning dose of sexism for the day

(talking to a guy friend about The Walking Dead finale)

Him: she’s a hardcore badass for most of the season and then she turns into a woman. no offense.
Me: uhhhhhh no that’s offensive.

  1. ichooseupeetachu said: How you resisted from hitting him, I don’t even know…
  2. diaphenia said: And the story ends with “…. and then I punched him in the crotch”
  3. panembakery said: that’s offensive. And I hate that he just laughed at you. ugh.
  4. edeainfj said: Yeah, just a bit of misogyny, no offense taken.
  5. jeniezee said: Ugh. That’s obnoxious. Usually when people say ‘no offense’, it’s pretty damn offensive
  6. streetlightlove1 said: What a dumbass
  7. mitchesbcray said: "No offense" means he KNOWS it’s offensive but he’s going to say it anyway. It’s the equivalent of "I"m not a racist BUT". Dickweed.
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