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Dive In

I originally wrote a story for Day 3 of PiP that involved the beach house prompt, but I ended up being inspired to write something else and posted that instead.

In case you want some beach house smut still, here it is for your reading pleasure.

Peeta picked his way through the empty beer cans on the floor, trying his best not to disturb any of his slumbering friends who had crashed on the couches. He could hear voices wafting down from upstairs: Finnick and Annie. Johanna and Thom, too, maybe. Playing some games, possibly. Or just fooling around. He wasn’t sure. He didn’t really care.

His attention was focused elsewhere, on a lone figure sitting on the back porch. Katniss. He’d kept one eye on her all night—all week, really. They weren’t friends, per se, though they traveled in the same circle. She was close with Annie and the other girls, and when Finnick had secured his grandparents’ beach house for the week, his girlfriend invited Katniss along. Peeta knew her; he wanted to know her better, but she was so guarded, and she made him so nervous, so unlike himself, that he had a hard time striking up conversation with her.

But this was their last night at the beach house, his last shot. Running a hand through his hair nervously, he licked his lips. It was now or never, he guessed.

He slid the glass door open as quietly as he could manage, but her eyes latched onto him instantly, wide and apprehensive in the moonlight. He forced an easy smile, shutting the door behind him, then he slid into a chair next to her and propped his beer bottle on the table. “Hey—uh, do you mind?” he asked belatedly, gesturing to his chair.

Katniss shrugged under the blanket wrapped around her shoulders. “Sure,” she said quietly. He tried not to beam; that was the first word she’d spoken to him directly all week, he was fairly certain.

“So, are you stargazing?” he asked, glancing up. The moon was fairly bright, and only a few clouds streaked across the inky canvas of the starry sky.

“Um, no,” she replied. “I just like the sound of the ocean when it’s quiet out.”

Peeta nodded, directing his gaze back to her; her eyes flitted away. “Ah, yeah. It’s nice.” She didn’t say anything, so he filled in the silence, “It’s very soothing.” She eyed him again; he wasn’t sure if that was a look of exasperation or agreement. He cleared his throat and took a sip of his beer. At least he had a mild buzz going to help dull his anxiety. He didn’t understand why she unnerved him so much. He was usually a lot smoother with women.

He tried again. “So, have you enjoyed your time here?” he inquired, and she just hummed her assent, nodding. Damnit. She was going to make him work for it. “It was really awesome of Finn to invite us all out here.”

“Yeah,” she agreed softly.

“Sucks that summer’s almost over,” he continued, turning his head some to watch the crashing waves in the distance. She hummed again. Feeling his nerves take root, he knew he was about to start rambling. “I feel like I barely had a chance to enjoy it, you know? This was the most fun I had all summer. I don’t think I did much of anything worthwhile. None of the things I really wanted to do, anyway.”

The silence stretched between them when his voice dropped off, and he cringed inwardly. This was a bad idea. He was just about to stand up and apologize profusely for bothering her when her voice anchored him to his seat, “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

He was stunned. “Yeah?”

She nodded, her eyes darting in his direction before fixing back on the ocean. “This was the only time I really got out this summer. I had to work a lot. I’m probably the most boring person alive,” she said, tucking her chin into the blanket. Peeta grinned at her, ecstatic she’d finally said more than one sentence to him. He wanted to tell her he didn’t find her boring in the slightest, but he knew that would be coming on too strong.

“You should have gone to get a tattoo with everyone today then,” he suggested teasingly, and she scoffed.

“I’m too cautious to even do that. Why didn’t you get one?”

He lifted his eyebrows. “My skin’s too beautiful to mark up like that,” he said, feigning disdain. He regretted his joke immediately, worried she would think him too cocky, but his heart swelled when she laughed lightly.


He fiddled with the label on his beer bottle. “No, I just got too sunburned earlier; pretty sure if anybody tried to ink me right now, I’d pass out,” he explained good-naturedly, and she smiled.

“I guess. I don’t really have to worry about that.”

No, she certainly didn’t. Her skin was already a darker tone, made darker still by the time spent in the sun. He swallowed as he recalled the way her one-piece bathing suit had hugged her curves. Somehow, the more conservative swimsuit on her had been infinitely sexier to him. He spent most of his time on the beach ogling her; Finnick had laughed hysterically when he’d beaned Peeta in the head with the football when he’d been momentarily distracted by Katniss bending over to smooth out her towel on the sand.

“Lucky,” Peeta finally muttered. She shrugged, a smile still pulling at her mouth. He licked his lips again as he thought. “You know, it’s our last night. We still have time to do something crazy.”

She narrowed her eyes at him skeptically. “Like what?” she hedged.

He racked his brain, but there was really only one activity he could think of, especially now that her half-naked body was on his mind, and the words were tumbling out of his mouth before he could really think them through, “We could go skinny dipping.”

Her eyes widened, mirroring his own as he actually registered his suggestion. “What?” she demanded, flabbergasted. Shit.

A strange laugh bubbled in his throat. “I was just—I was kidding! I was trying to make a joke—a really bad one, I know…oh man, I swear I’m not a huge pervert!” he insisted, still laughing nervously because he didn’t know what else to do, and she was staring so intently at him, he thought he was going to crawl right out of his skin. Could he sound any more like a creep?

Katniss narrowed her eyes suspiciously but directed her gaze in front of her, staring into the distance. Peeta ruffled his curls anxiously. He had ruined this completely. Of course.

She stood up suddenly, startling him. “Okay,” she said, shrugging the blanket off her shoulders. He stared at her, stupefied.


“Let’s go skinny dipping,” she answered simply, circling the table. His mind was sluggish, trying to process her statement, but she was already opening the gate of the porch and bounding down the steps. The thwacks of her flip-flops on the wooden stairs roused him into action, and he shot out of his chair, nearly knocking his beer over when he bumped the table.

“Grab some towels, will ya?” she called back to him. He snatched a couple of towels from the railing that had been laid out to dry earlier and hurried after her, following the sand trail that wound through the dunes to the shore. Darkness cloaked the beach, but the moon provided just enough light that he could make out her silhouette, her braid swinging behind her as she glided through the sand.

She stopped at the shoreline, the high tide cresting at her feet. He approached her cautiously, part of him wondering if she was about to play a cruel prank on him—push him into the ocean fully clothed, maybe. She turned to him abruptly, her expression intense. “There’s more light than I thought.”

He didn’t know what to make of that. “Yeah…”

She chewed on her bottom lip. “Turn around. Don’t watch me undress.”

His eyebrows shot up, but he obeyed. Even over the crashing of the waves, he could hear the rustling of her clothes as she stripped. Holy shit. She was actually doing it. “Uhh, when can I—I mean, should I undress, too?” he asked over his shoulder.

“Unless you want to get your clothes wet,” she shot back, and a silly grin spread across his face before he choked it back and dropped the towels in his hand, pulling his shirt over his head. He kicked his own flip-flops off as he unfastened his shorts, faltering when he went to push them and his boxer-briefs down. But if she was doing it…His bottoms hit the sand a second later, and he took a deep breath.

“Can I turn around yet?” he asked, the ocean breeze prickling his skin.

“If you want,” she called, but he heard splashing as she waded into the water. He spun around, drinking in the sight of her lithe, naked form striding through the waves, her tanlines evident. The moonlight highlighted the curve of her ass, and he willed his body not to react. He heard her gasp, her arms wrapping around her waist. “Fuck, it’s cold,” she hissed, stopping when the water reached her hips.

Shaking his head, Peeta followed her into the water, stomping through the waves that crashed against his shins, unable to stifle his gasp. She turned to face him then, which he was not prepared for, the heat of her gaze on him, and he stumbled backward slightly when a wave caught him off balance. When he righted himself, he realized she was staring at his crotch, the water not high enough on him to shield his anatomy, and he flushed, fighting the urge to shield his dick. Especially because now that he could make out the distinct outlines of her breasts and the peaks of her nipples, all the blood that wasn’t retreating to his organs from the frigid water was surely racing to his cock.

He shuffled a little farther into the ocean, but the push and pull of the waves still gave her glimpses of his dick. This was not a good look for his junk. “It’s cold,” he said defensively.

She flicked her wide eyes up to his face. “That’s you cold?”

He blinked. Did he detect awe in her voice? He was momentarily stunned by her compliment, and his eyes lingered on her breasts. Even in the dark, he could distinguish the dusky color of her nipples, pebbled by the chill. His tongue darted out to lick his lips absently. “You look cold, too,” he said. Her hands shot up to cover her breasts reflexively, but then she stilled them, forcing them back to her sides, and she turned, wading farther out.

Shit, why had he said that? He was a moron.

Peeta watched her dive under a rolling wave, disappearing momentarily until she resurfaced a few feet away, just her head bobbing above the surface. It was too dark to tell if she was looking at him, but he thought he could feel the heat of her silver gaze on him; he grew increasingly uncomfortable, so he moved closer till the water churned around his chest. He didn’t feel comfortable letting his feet leave the safety of the ocean floor, not at night, and he was concerned about her, too, though she seemed strangely at ease in the water.

Still, he wanted to be close, just in case.

“Are you not going to swim?” she called to him, stretching her neck up to clear a passing wave. He shook his head.

“I’m good right here,” he replied, digging his toes into the sand. His body was acclimating to the temperature now, but the ebb and flow of the current on his dick felt strange.

“Then what was the point of skinny dipping?” she asked, her arms beating through the water to maintain her position. Peeta arched an eyebrow.

“To get naked, of course,” he answered readily. To his surprise, she laughed. She had warmed up to him considerably in the last few minutes. Why hadn’t he asked her to go skinny dipping sooner? He could kick himself for being such a coward.

“Well…it’s kind of awkward having a conversation with you so far away,” she mused, cutting through the water to close the distance between them. When she was closer, she stopped, her head dipping under the surface some, and she spit out some water.

“I can’t touch the ground here,” she said.

He started to move backward, toward shallower water. “We can get closer to shore—” But her hands on his biceps stopped him, and his eyes widened as she dragged herself closer to him.

“This is fine,” she breathed. “Just need something to hold onto.”

“Okay,” he murmured, grabbing onto her elbows. She was painfully close to him now; he felt the tips of her breasts graze his chest every time a wave would knock her into him. How was he supposed to have a conversation with her like this? “Um…”

Her hands slid up to his shoulders, curling around the muscles there, and then she was flush against him. Her grip aggravated his sunburn, but he wasn’t going to object. He went rigid at the feel of her naked body pressed against his; his cock was swelling again, wedged between her pelvis and his thigh. He swallowed thickly, resting his hands on her hips. At this distance, he could make out every feature of her face. Her eyes were watching his face closely, her lips parted slightly. Beads of water dotted her face, dripping from her freckled nose, glistening in the moonlight. He swallowed again.

“This is strange,” she whispered; her warm breath felt delicious on his cool, wet skin.

“Hm?” he asked dumbly, trying not to let his gaze dip to the tantalizing sight of her breasts pressed against his chest. Katniss shook her head slightly.

“I don’t know. I don’t think I’m normally this, um…bold, though stupid is probably the better word. But I guess it’s easier to be more forward in the dark.”

Peeta took a deep breath, his stomach expanding against hers. “Just how crazy are you thinking of getting tonight?” he asked lowly, trying to crack a joke, but his voice came out huskier than he’d intended. His cock twitched as her eyelashes fluttered against her cheeks, her eyes dropping to his mouth.

He didn’t know what he expected her to say—anything, really, but her arm snaked around his neck, and she hitched herself up to kiss him. Her lips were soft and wet and salty, and he pulled them between his own to taste before opening his mouth wider. His hands tightened on her hips when she pushed her tongue into his mouth, sliding their tongues together experimentally. Her wet fingers wove through his dry curls as she tilted her head to kiss him deeper.

Her legs naturally parted to wrap around his waist, his hands dropping to hold the back of her thighs, but when his growing erection accidentally slid through the heat between her thighs, he groaned in surprise.

Katniss jerked away with a gasp, her eyes locking with his. Then she pushed off him and began swimming back to shore. It took a long moment for his brain to catch up with what was happening. Fuck. “I’m sorry!” he yelled to her, panicked, cursing his inability to control his body’s reaction to her.

She turned around, standing up now that she could touch the bottom. He gulped, hard, when her breasts came into view. “Don’t be sorry,” she called to him, moving backward as she continued to the beach. “Be bold and stupid.”

He gaped at her wordlessly, then he was slicing through the water after her, the waves pushing him forward easily, and he reached the shoreline a few steps behind her. He was very aware of his prominent hard-on, but he didn’t much mind anymore. She whirled around as he reached her, his arms circling her waist. Her mouth fell open—but from invitation or surprise, he wasn’t sure; he hesitated, just in case—just in case he was wrong, just in case he had misread her.

She pushed up on her toes to crash her mouth to his, eradicating all doubt. Their mouths slanted together like they’d been doing this forever, their tongues dipping into the other’s mouth alternatingly, to taste, to explore, to possess. Her hands trailed over his shoulders, his chest, around his sides to his back, wrapping her body around his. The smooth skin of her stomach was soft against his cock; it was agonizing.

Whimpering faintly around his tongue, Katniss dropped her hand between their torsos to cup the head of his cock. His mouth went slack as he inhaled sharply, his eyes widening before closing again. She took the opportunity to nip and suck on his lips, her fingers swirling the ocean water and precum teasingly with her pointer finger. Then she tipped her chin back to break the kiss, compelling him to open his eyes in wonder.

She spoke first. “I never really understood the appeal of beach sex,” she murmured. He blinked rapidly, and she continued, her eyes crinkling with embarrassment. “I just mean—sand everywhere. Sounds uncomfortable, you know?”

“Uh huh,” he breathed uneasily, framing her face with his hands as he searched her face. Where was she going with this? Her fingers still loosely gripped his cock, the touch fleeting but persistent.

“But I share a room with Johanna…” she trailed off, and his eyebrow quirked in understanding, his breath stalling in his chest.

“And I’m rooming with Thresh,” he muttered, both overjoyed and dejected. Katniss dropped his gaze, her eyes focusing over his shoulder. Neither spoke for a moment or two, then she took a deep breath.

“We could…I mean, I have my car,” she said shakily, still not meeting his eyes. He didn’t dare breathe, letting her words sink in.

“I could get a, uh, condom from Finnick,” he whispered, and she looked at him sharply. “I mean, I know where he keeps them. I wouldn’t…he wouldn’t know. I wouldn’t tell him.”

She worried her bottom lip as she thought, then she stepped away from him abruptly, scooping up a towel to wrap around herself after she’d shaken it out. He watched her slip her flip-flops back on and round up her clothes, and she turned back to hand him the extra towel, her gaze briefly lingering on his cock. “Um…I’ll be at my car then.”

And with that, she was jogging back toward the beach house, fading into the darkness. Peeta hastily wrapped the towel around his waist and gathered his other belongings, following after her. She disappeared over the dunes, and when he reached the porch, she was gone. Passing the table, he snatched up his beer bottle and took a large, reassuring gulp before he slipped inside, quietly, making his way upstairs. He could still hear the others laughing and yelling, the sounds muffled by a closed door, and he ducked into the bathroom and rifled through the drawers until he found Finnick’s stash of condoms. Ripping off one of the foil packets, he clutched it in his hand and grabbed a towel to dust the wet sand off his legs and feet. Then he made a quick detour to his room to deposit his clothes; he guessed there wasn’t much need to get dressed again just yet.

His blood was pumping as he made his way outside again, this time to the garage. His eyes quickly found her, standing by her car as she shuffled her weight from foot to foot. When he approached, she regarded him skeptically, her hand self-consciously adjusting the towel around her breasts; he showed her the condom sheepishly, and she pursed her lips together, nodding.

But she didn’t move, so he stepped in front of her, dipping his head to search her face; she tilted her chin up in acquiescence, her eyelids fluttering closed automatically, and he cupped her jaw to bring her lips to his. Her tongue met his willingly, and her arms encircled his shoulders to press his body closer as she slumped against her car door.

His cock stirred again; she must have felt it because she reached behind her to open the car door and guided them to the side so she could swing it open. Then she sat down and scooted in backward to give him room, the faint overhead light making the flushed olive skin of her face glow. Exhaling a loud puff of air, Peeta slid in after her and shut the door as softly as he could. The light faded, plunging them into darkness once again. Katniss’ legs were folded underneath her, so she shifted until her knees were flexed toward the roof, and then she reached over to pull him in between them. They moved together awkwardly until she was stretched out on her back underneath him; as he braced himself above her, he tried not to stare when the towel gaped open around her hips, revealing the small patch of curls that dipped between her thighs—not that he hadn’t seen it all already, but there was just something oddly more intimate about this moment.

Maybe because they were about to have sex. That was probably it.

He laughed slightly at his thoughts, and Katniss eyed him. “What? What’s funny?” she whispered, and he hurried to reassure her.

“Nothing, I just—when I suggested we go skinny dipping, I swear it wasn’t just a ploy to get you to have sex with me,” he explained nervously. “I wasn’t thinking this at all.”

“Oh.” She frowned a little, the skin between her brows pinching together. “You didn’t think about this at all?”

He blinked. “Oh, I mean—no. No, I definitely…definitely have thought about this. A lot. All week. Before then, even,” he said. Maybe he was revealing too much, but her face relaxed, her lips parted just ever so slightly. He felt her chest expand underneath his as she inhaled.

“Okay,” she said simply. Then she added, “Good.”

His throat bobbed as he swallowed, his body tensing as she trailed her hands down his back till they hit the barrier of his towel. Then they began to tug, working the material loose until it came undone around his front. He untucked the ends of the towel around her breasts and carefully spread it open; he didn’t reveal her completely until he saw the confirmation in her eyes, and then the towel fell away to the sides, her body fully bare under his. She was heart-stopping.

Her voice startled him from his blatant appreciation. “I’ve never had sex in a car before,” she said quietly, like she was nervous. He thought it imprudent of him to mention that he had.

Licking his lips, he tried to joke, “Well, at least you have a large backseat.” Not large enough, unfortunately, as he wasn’t able to stretch out fully, and his legs were askew at awkward angles to fit on the seat. But he could forget about that soon enough.

Katniss returned his smile. “I’ll probably regret this tomorrow.” His eyebrows shot up at that, and she clarified with an exasperated chuckle, “I meant—from tracking in all this sand. Cleaning it is going to be a bitch.”

“Oh,” he laughed. “Well…I’ll go ahead and offer my services in advance then, as I have contributed to the mess.”

She rolled her lips together, fighting a grin, and she steepled her hands behind his neck to draw him down for a kiss. Her breath was warm against his mouth, and she parted her lips to mold them to his, touching her tongue to his. She shifted underneath him until her thighs cradled his hips; he tried to focus on stroking her tongue, biting at her lips, instead of the heat radiating from her, but it made his cock twitch desperately. Soon, he was fully hard and aching. He broke the kiss with a gasp and trailed his lips down her neck, his tongue darting out to lick a wet trail to her shoulder where he sucked lightly. He forced himself to stop before he could leave a mark. Katniss was breathing heavily, her neck stretched out. He glanced up at her quickly, then he lifted his hand to settle between them, cupping her left breast. She inhaled deeply, her teeth catching her bottom lip; he kneaded the mound more enthusiastically, circling her nipple with his thumb. He brushed the erect bud with the pad of his finger repeatedly, back and forth, before he lifted the weight of her breast in his hand to his mouth.

When he sucked her nipple between his lips, she moaned harshly. She tasted like saltwater. He sucked harder, eliciting another guttural moan from her throat, and her fingers twisted in his curls, tugging slightly. He breathed out sharply around her nipple, throbbing at the sensation, then he moved to her other breast, scraping his teeth over the hardened peak until she squirmed impatiently.

Peeta shifted his weight off one arm and slipped it between her thighs, ghosting his fingers through the slick juncture of her thighs; she gasped, her abdomen tensing, and a strangled noise stuck in his throat. She was so fucking wet. He pressed down harder, sliding two fingers through the slippery folds to gather more of her arousal, then he dragged them up until they caught on the swollen cleft of her clitoris. Katniss whimpered and arched under him as he stroked and circled, pushing her toward release; he lifted his head from her chest to watch her face, her features contorting and relaxing with the building pleasure. He positioned himself farther up her body so his face hovered over hers, and her eyes snapped open when she felt his lips flutter against hers idly, his teeth catching her bottom one periodically. Her irises were metallic in the moonlight, wide but dark as they stared at each other. She was panting now, her mouth open as she sucked in air, her eyes struggling to maintain contact with his, but then they clamped shut a moment later; her mouth stretched open to release a broken, punctuated moan as she came, and she dipped her head back, inadvertently pulling on his hair.

Mesmerized, Peeta probed between her folds and carefully pushed his index and middle fingers inside her; her walls fluttered with the contractions of her orgasm, and she grunted as her body adjusted to the intrusion. “Fuck,” she breathed, and he pumped his digits inside her a few times until she slumped to the seat, withdrawing them to snatch the condom packet he had dropped on the floor. He pushed himself up to a kneeling position, hunching over her awkwardly.

“I thought I could be smoother about this,” he cracked wryly, and his fingers, coated in her lubrication, slipped as he struggled to rip the condom open. Katniss finally returned to herself and opened her eyes to look at him.

“I can do it,” she offered weakly, taking the condom from him. He tried not to seem too excited about the prospect of her putting the condom on him. Once she had the prophylactic out of the packaging, she pinched the tip and rolled it down his cock to the base. His eyes closed briefly as he inhaled deeply, then he situated himself between her thighs, gripping himself in one hand to push inside her.

Her hands tightened on his shoulders, her back bowing slightly as her body welcomed him, her breathy moan echoing his choked groan. She clenched around him reflexively once he’d pushed in to the hilt, and he dropped his face to the crook of her neck. Fuck, she felt amazing.

Her shaky exhale reached his ears. “I…wow, it’s been awhile for me, just—so you know,” she said, voice strained, her short nails raking back and forth over his shoulders lightly. It was a soothing gesture, agonizing as it was on his sunburn.

He buried his tight laugh against the hollow of her throat. “Yeah. Promise not to judge me too harshly when I finish in the next 30 seconds,” he joked self-deprecatingly, and she laughed airily, tilting her hips to signal her readiness.

Peeta began moving, slowly, tentatively at first, but then faster, more purposefully; he couldn’t go slow, not now, not with such a magnificent creature under him, bucking her hips in earnestness. Her body became more pliable with each thrust, warming underneath him like clay in his hands; her thighs gripped his waist tightly, her heels resting on his ass. She pressed one hand against the car door above her to buffer her head when his thrusts would push her farther up the seat. Her whimpers were soft and rhythmic, creating a hypnotic sort of melody to the collision of their bodies. His own grunts were jagged and amelodic and hot on the skin of her neck, and after a few minutes he finally lifted his head to seek out her lips for a frantic kiss; she opened her mouth eagerly, swallowing his grunt.

When her walls gripped him again, he felt his balls tighten in response. “Shit, Katniss,” he hissed against her teeth. “I’m gonna come.” She just nodded and squeezed him again, kissing him greedily as he rocked against her shallowly; his cock pulsed as he emptied himself into the condom, and his moan was lost around her tongue.

He gave himself a moment to compose himself, dropping his forehead to rest on her shoulder, before he pulled out of her. He suddenly became aware of how sweaty he was, feeling his skin cool significantly as the heat of the moment faded. Katniss’ chest was flushed, but he noticed bumps tightening her skin, so he adjusted the towel around her.

With a small smile, she pulled it closed completely. “Thanks,” she said, and he smiled hazily at her, still reeling from his orgasm.

She moved her legs so he could sit down on the seat, and he awkwardly pulled the condom from his cock, tying it off. He regarded it warily as Katniss sat up beside him; she must have noticed his hesitation. “What?” she asked.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Nothing, just…trying to figure out how I’m gonna make my way back inside now with just a towel on and a used condom in my hand.” She laughed heartily at that, her cheeks reddening. Then she lifted her eyebrows suggestively, her hand curling around his forearm.

“Who said we have to go back in just yet?”

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